Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gambar Kehidupan Jerusalem 100 Tahun Lepas (Part II)

Panorama of Palestine of the first half of the twentieth century.

Part II

People of Jericho. 1917. 

Market. Jaffa. 1900-1920. 

At the entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Jerusalem. 1900-1920. 

House of the Last Supper. Jerusalem. 1900-1920. 

General view of the Greek monastery. Tiberias. 1900-1920.

View of Jerusalem from the monastery of Saint-Sauveur. 1900-1920. 

A woman from Bethlehem. 1900-1920. 

Woman in traditional dress. Nazareth. 1900 -1920. 

Women of Beersheba. 1900 -1920. 

Samaritan high priest. Nablus. 1900-1920. 

School in the West Bank. Nablus. 1900-1920. 

The last Turkish feast of Nebi Musa. Jerusalem. 1917. 

First British guard at the Jaffa Gate. December 9, 1917. 

Hebrew Technical Institute. Students work in the workshops. Haifa. 1920 -1933. 

Aircraft "Imperial Airways Ltd," 1931. 

Bank. Bnei Brak. 1920-1933. 

Shining shoes at the Jaffa Gate. Jerusalem, 1920 -1933. 

Girl from Nazareth. 1920-1933.

Cave of the Nativity. Bethlehem. 1920-1933. 

Old Bazaar. Nazareth. 1920-1933. 

Milling wheat. 1920-1933. 

Inside view of the power plant. Tel Aviv, Palestine. 1920-1933. 

The Greek monastery. Jerusalem, 1920 -1933. 

Nazaretyanka in period costume. 1920 -1933. 

Bedouin engaged in yarn. Beer-Sheva, 1932. 

Bookmark bar. Tel Aviv. 1934 -1939. 

Soap factory. Haifa, 1934 -1939. 

Area Allenby. Tel Aviv. 1934 -1939. 

Rows of cars near the Damascus Gate in Ierusalime. 1934 -1939. 

Woman with a pitcher sitting under an almond tree. Bethlehem. 1934 -1939. 

Yemenite Jews dudyat the shofar. 1934-1939. 

Crowded beach. Tel Aviv. 1934-1939. 

A group of Jewish settlers. Jewish settlements on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee, Ein Gev. 1934-1939. 

Fountain in Nazareth. 1934 -1939.

Building on the Mamilla Road. Ierusalim. 1938-1939. 

Mother and child. 1934-1939.

Nebi Musa procession in Gethsemane. Jerusalem, 1936.

Peasant girl holding a bunch of grapes in Ein - Yabruda. 1937. 

View of Bethlehem from the south and the woman in the foreground, on September 2, 1938. 

Children's Hospital of the missionary society. 1940 -1946.

Funeral Syrian bishop. The corpse is seated on a chair in the church. A side view. Jerusalem. 1940-1946.


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